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Boby Chemmanur is the Chairman of a huge business conglomerate and at the same time a world famous philanthropist too. It’s his great business acumen that led Chemmanur International grow into an international jewellery chain catering to 19 Crore people. He is also the founder of Life Vision Charitable Trust and his vision is to share the profit of his trade with the poor.

Mr.Boby Chemmanur(Chairman & MD  - Boby Chemmanur International Group), receiving the Doctorate, honored by World Record University at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The contribution of Boby Chemmanur to the social services sector assumes immense value in today’s not so broadminded world and his humanitarian efforts are much acclaimed by international communities. As a genuine philanthropist, he upholds an idealistic mission and always sticks to his favourite tagline, ‘conquer the world with love.’

Boby Chemmanur posing with Diego Maradona, the football legend and brand ambassador for Boby & Maradona Gold Diamond Jewellery. In October 2012, Maradona inaugurated the Kannur showroom of Boby Chemmanur International Jewellers. The event was first of its kind in the history of jewellery inaugurations in Kerala with a huge crowd thronging to meet the football god.

Give Blood Save Life

With the objective to start  World’s Largest Blood Bank, Boby Chemmanur in April 2014 undertook a record breaking 812 Kilometre marathon run with the message, ‘Give Blood Save Life’. Boby Chemmanur took this initiative concerning about the welfare of needy people who are in need of blood at any crucial point of their lifetime. 
It is a wonderful gift indeed to share a vital part of you to those who need it. Everyone has an average of eleven pints of blood in their body, but the requirement is only eight pints, for a normal healthy person. This would mean that there is a surplus of three pints and you can easily donate ONE pint from it, with no harm to your body.
We welcome you to join hands with Boby Chemmanur’s Life Vision programme to benefit the needy of our society. Your life should be a blessing to others. You could be an important person to sustain the life of someone somewhere.

Be a privileged member of the prestigious Boby Friends Blood Bank organization. Your life is a gift given from above and when shared with others you do not lose anything, rather you gain extension of your life itself.


  • Addressing the Enthusiastic audience at the 812 Km Marathon Closing Ceremony

  • Boby Chemmanur Shares His Vision

  • Delivering a Fruitful Speech for a Noble Cause

  • Boby Chemmanur giving a lecture for MBA students at MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram

Chemmanur International Jewellery showroom launch in Houston,USA.

New Showroom Inaugurated at Mahboula, Kuwait

Boby Chemmanur International Jewellers’ New Showroom Inaugurated at Mahboula, Kuwait..


1000 Km Marathon with the Message, ‘No War’

Boby Chemmanur Runs 1000 Km Marathon with the Message, ‘No War’ ...

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